Sunday, 24 May 2009

Holiday breakout

It would seem from the traffic queues West towards North Wales, North to the Lake District and Scotland and East and South to the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales on Friday that the people of Greater Manchester and Merseyside do appreciate the value of getting into the countryside, especially when the extra day of a bank holiday means a longer break and more worthwhile going the extra distance. But why when they get there do they clog the streets, the shops bars and restaurants when they could be out on the hills really letting go of the frustration of the working week, connecting with open spaces and bigger views (after all the bars and restaurants are open in the evening and will seem even better after a day of fresh air). Even better would be spending time before leaving to plan the trip so that you don't walk the same paths as everyone else. This view is less than an hour from a car park on a bank holiday Sunday, not another soul in site. A real opportunity for peace and reflection, refreshing the parts other stuff cannot reach.