Saturday, 19 December 2009

Do we deserve our leaders?

We need to realise that Climate Change isn't about the weather it is about life, the ability to have one.

Spot the difference:

All it takes for scenes like this to be more commonplace, for the greedy to have more while the list of 'have nots' gets longer is for good people to do nothing

With the Climate Change summit in Copenhagen ending with a weak agreement to do something rather than a strong legally binding agreement with specific objectives (you know - all the things we are taught at management school 101, SMART goals, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time framed - all the things we haven't got!), we have to ask do we have weak leaders because our own commitment is weak? Can we be bothered or would we rather keep spending, consuming until the resources run out? Until our cosy world is overturned by people looking for food and water?

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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Mindfulness of stuff?

Had two walks this morning, one as the sun came up over Gummer's How near Windemere the other through the town centre where the market is taking place. One walk was full of new things to see, the other the same old stuff. One required some effort to get there, the other some effort to stay there. One had people looking cold and miserable the other no-one else for miles. Why is it that we often fail to remember the restorative power of nature? Watching the sun come up (or go down), seeing the bigger view, observing life going on without having to spend more money, noticing how everything changes even as we stand still and look. But being mindful needs effort, to look, listen, feel, use all our senses doesn't happen by accident. But if we can make an effort to go shopping for some momentary pleasure (often followed by the post purchase remorse - should I have bought/eaten/done that?) then maybe we can learn to engage our senses more with the real life going on around us rather than the false life in the marketing promise. We are part of nature not part of someone's business plan.