Saturday, 21 March 2009

blue skies, dark mood

We're in the middle of fantastic weather, with lots of sunshine, blue skies, people laughing in the park, blossom on the trees, flowers coming up everywhere and lots more. Yet I'm feeling very low. I've been full of cold for ten days now, blocked sinuses, aches, one minute too hot then too cold and because of this I've had to cancel a trip to the Scottish Highlands and taking part in a local trail race, and missing the 60th birthday party of someone important to me. So despite knowing the benefits of looking at the beauty all around I'm still struggling. I'm finding that I start to be critical of my work, I'm too ill to do it so I'm questioning whether I even want to! It seems too much effort getting absorbed by a good book or conversation, so I'm just festering. What is the point of this explanation of my misery (and other exaggerations - I'm sure some will recognise the symptoms of man-flu!!) - its simple, mindfulness isn't just sitting on a cushion and the world will be magically rosy. We have to continually work at being mindful, holding unpleasant and pleasant side by side so that we can respond positively rather than react and grump - I'm working on it!

Friday, 6 March 2009


What a fantastic day, started with a crisp frost, but we have clear blue skies, sunshine, fresh air, big skies. But how many people won't notice. They step from their box (home) in the morning, to sit in a metal box (car) before sitting in another box (office) staring at a box (computer), they get lunch from a plastic box (sandwich) drink from a paper box (juice) before repeating the sequence in the afternoon before going home to sit in front of another box (TV). For children it's even worse, many don't have a choice of boxes, with parents choosing homes, transport, food, no wonder they escape to other boxes (xbox, playstation).

But we need to get out! The plethora of modern diseases are a result of these boxes. Our warm centrally heated homes, full of boxes storing food, entertainment, traveling in boxes rather than walking, not sharing space with others. Even tourists coming to areas like the lake district don't leave their boxes for long. Three hours in traffic, now put the box in the car park, short walk (if absolutely necessary), food in a plastic box (takeaways, tourist cafes), look there's a view! quick back in the car and three hours home to our box, saying wouldn't it be nice if....!

We are humans, part of the animal kingdom, we need exercise, we thrive on challenge, we like big views (look at the sunset), we like fresh air, being away from traffic. Don't sit in boxes being controlled by others (advertisers, programme makers) get out and get a life!