Tuesday, 8 June 2010

All at sea?

The sea of life is in constant motion; no one can stop its ever-moving waves. The stupid man drowns in his effort to cross; the Master walks over the waves; but the wise man swims in the water.
(A saying of Hazrat Inayat Khan)

Swimming becomes more difficult as the conditions get tougher. However we can learn techniques and develop tools to use that enable us to cope whatever the conditions. Developing mindfulness helps us get more from life. Whether we run a business, a family, or simply want to live above the circumstances rather than drown under them. Becoming aware, learning to respond rather than react, to be less judgemental, using the flow rather than paddling against it, these are the attributes of mindful living

Monday, 22 March 2010

Silver linings?

Sometimes having a 'soft' or 'moist' day (okay it's pouring down) is important. Just as some people might say every cloud has a silver lining, so we can recognise that at the very least a wet weather day may help us appreciate sunny days more. By being mindful we can learn to do much more. We can appreciate the life that rain supports, our own and others. We can recognise the depth, the variety of every day life. We can appreciate how fortunate we are that everyday is different, bringing new challenges, and opportunities. Sometimes even appreciating that nature is so much something we experience rather than control is important in realising that everything changes, life goes on, so engage fully, don't get stuck. Notice how you react rather than respond to each day, set yourself the challenge of finding something to appreciate in every experience, live fully!